Protonic Reversal: Music Podcast Show Posts Ep016: Austin Pitts (Hurry Up Shotgun)

Ep016: Austin Pitts (Hurry Up Shotgun)

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Austin from Hurry Up Shotgun comes on the show to talk music, socio economic class concerns and play a brand new HuS song acoustic. Point Break is quoted and discussed, as are spotted dicks. Speak into the microphone squidbrain…

00:00:00 Tilts – Ozark Bowtie (Opening Theme)
00:04:21 rutabega- Come Back Big Brother
00:07:43 Feeling Gravity’s Pull – Have I Mentioned…

00:12:45 Christopher Casuga and his wild weekend for sibling/brother (?) show Live From the Barrage, she ships and riddles of the ages, you can’t be on a radio show on an airplane. “I’m a surgeon! Let me play bejeweled”

00:19:20 Greys – Use Your Delusion
00:21:42 Dead Rider – Weird Summer

00:25:37 Dead Rider show recap, former PR guest Todd Rittman as an alternate universe James Brown/Snakefinger badassery. Sheer Accident, etc. DJ Real Time Drop speaks about Point Break, Net Neutrality

00:37:28 Songs for Snakes – F.E.A.R.
00:41:21 christian fitness – carthage must be destroyed

00:43:57 Gear thefts “Where do they go?”, how about a documentary on that?, talk about the mclusky gear theft spoken of in Episode 15, and the Hurry Up Shotgun/Songs For Snakes show that has now already passed.

00:53:46 Hurry Up Shotgun – acoustic song

00:57:25 Hurry Up Shotgun – What to Do When Your Unemployment Check Bounces
01:03:05 Hurry Up Shotgun – Swim

01:07:38 “So that’s why Abraham Lincoln is a zombie then?”, bubble baths, aux barricades, class themes in Hurry Up Shotgun and the working poor. Serious socio-economic talk and class issues…on NPR… er… Radio Valencia, Caturday, the idea of the commons, corporate personhood, the logtical fallacy of corporate largesse and celebrating the individual without supporting the needs of the individual.

01:29:30 fugazi – Give Corporations
01:31:56 Minutes – Get Off Your Ass

01:34:23 some thoughts on fugazi, classism in music, travel, more sobering economic concerns and class difference.

01:45:03 B Hamilton – Miss Carolina

01:48:29 What is and is not broken based upon if it is owned or not.

01:52:00 Shellac – End of Radio (Closing Theme)

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