Protonic Reversal Podcast

“Can You Hear Me Now?”

Conan Neutron’s Protonic Reversal is the show and Conan Neutron is the guy. If you’d like to get in touch the easiest is definitely e-mail: conan at, also around on bluesky, threads, twitter, instagram and facebook. Recently on telegram as @conanneutron too.

I love to hear from folks who enjoy to the show! It is never, ever a hassle. In fact: it is an honor! However I can’t always respond to every message immediately. In addition to the show, I record music and tour, i’m on another show and I have a real life aside from all that. There’s no team, it is just me. Yeah, that is kind of atypical.

If you’d like to pitch something/somebody to be on the show… feel free to do so. However, I feel that the show’s strength is the deep familiarity and affinity I have for the people that are on. I have to say “no” quite a bit, and half of that has nothing to do with the quality of the guest or art, it just isn’t right for the show. A couple of my favorite shows have been listener suggestions, so i’m super into it.