Protonic Reversal Podcast

Protonic Reversal, a rock radio show/podcast that features insightful discussions with awesome musicians and artists who may not be household names, but are very important to certain people. Why do you do what you do? est. April 2014

Protonic Reversal is a live streamed discussion/interview/talk show, that is podcasted, a conversation of amusing anecdotes, rocker ennui, why people do what they do & other assorted hijinx. It’s like “Inside the rocker’s studio” or something…

Live Thursday 8PM Eastern/7PM Central/6 Mountain/5 Pacific.
archives at: https://www.protonicreversal.com

Hosted by rock ‘n roll lifer: Mr. Conan Neutron, esq. of Conan Neutron & the Secret Friends, (and formerly: Victory and Associates, Mount Vicious and Replicator) however… you don’t know to know or care about any of that to enjoy the show.

Conan Neutron