Month: July 2019

Ep136: Brainiac (John, Juan, Tyler)Ep136: Brainiac (John, Juan, Tyler)

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  • -Documentaries, keys to the city and being Brainiac in 2019
  • Honoring Tim’s memory
  • revisting material and the perspective of age.
  • Tyler, coming back to playing music and his son “getting” Brainiac.
  • Multigenerational audiences
  • the reunion industrial complex
  • Tim’s dad: “are you going to keep going?”
  • Getting back together for a benefit and reconnecting
  • Familiarty for better or worse.
  • Idiosynchratic music, context and impact
  • Tim Krug (the missing link/understudy)
  • Picking who does what (singing songs, etc.)
  • Subbing for the local legandary hardcore band and destroying the floor in the process.
  • “We’ll Eat Anything.”
  • “oh, that was awful” “That was the best show ever!”
  • Being claimed as an influence and embracing doing something different than what others do.
  • Hostile or baffled audiences?
  • the band playoffs (and WINNING it)
  • The Brainiac – internationale ep with Kim Deal
  • When John joined the band, Bonsai Superstar, etc. 
  • Brainiac as the all boys Brady Bunch.
  • Hissing Prigs
  • Tyler gets new drums, and how they shaped the sound of that record.
  • Recording “nothing ever changes”Recording Electro Shock for President, distortions and learning how to record (usually the wrong way)and bringing that hodge podge to Jim O’Rourke
  • Keyboards, samplers, etc. and bringing that out live.
  • Playing “New/unreleased songs” for the reunion show, songs that might have been on the next (major label?) record.
  • Being a “weird” band and infiltrating mass cultureB
  • Brainiac covers and legacy, overall take on things, and the rights to the back catalog.