Month: October 2015

  • Ep071: Jason Myles (La Fin Absolute Du Monde)


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    (stream and download – Episode 71)

    Ray Jay Johnson and old beer commercials, Thurston vs. Kim…, on aging and being BETTER, and not stopping, being in a band with your spouse, The Cesspool castle in Joplin Missouri, tweaked out midnight van repair guys, Jason Myles on the Williston, North Dakota oil boom the rudeness of public oral sex, meeting Flipper clothed only in a towel, and the “brilliant kind of stupid” that Flipper espouses, touring with Godflesh and being remixed by Justin Broadrick, coat stealers, how to differentiate yourself in a world saturated with bands and acts, “the golden age of weird music?”, getting stuck in the UK, getting married on tour and other remarkable tales.

    Conan Neutron & the Secret Friends – Casually Intense (Opening theme)

    LOVE MOON – Not With Me
    La Fin Absolute du Monde – Kill Yourself

    La Fin Absolute du Monde – Black Sheep (Justin Broadrick remix)
    Flipper – Life

    Shellac – The End of Radio (Closing Theme)

  • Ep070: Phil Manley/Sebastian Thomson (Trans Am)


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    (stream and download – Episode 70)

    IN THIS EPISODE! We have Phil and Sebastian in studio and talk to them about the following:
    Shows in Bethesda, forging a unique sound, Trans Champs and the Fucking Am, Mark Knopfler likes the Fucking Champs, studio Cabana boys, LARPing swords, not being able to write it, but still loving it “Post-Rock” and rock lulls, Juno 60, Thomas Dolby keyboards and bringing on the heartbreak (isolated), Mutt Lange and substractive levels, Whispers, Life Coach update, daylight savings time, Russia bombing things “accidentally” and other bummers. First show ever in Oakland. Hardly Strictly Bluegrass festival and FREEEE DRUGS! DOING IT LIVE! Lots more Def Leppard talk, bike manifestation and Kelly Stoltz-Bike Angel, EL STUDIO! Phil will record you. Picking setlists and encores, Jon Fine and Your Band Sucks, Sebastian’s STRONG OPINIONS of things he has not seen, and things he has not heard. Plans… vocals… Trans Am reacting to itself. NUTS DEEP! Liberation and the Hummer commercial. on NOT taking the money and it not being ok to question the President Bad, Lindsey Lohan sex scene music, and SO MUCH MORE!

    Conan Neutron & the Secret Friends – Casually Intense (Opening Theme)

    Dire Straits – So Far Away
    Trans Am – Play in the Summer

    Trans Am – Television Eyes

    Trans Am – Anthropocene

    Trans Am – Ballbados

    Shellac – The End of Radio (Closing Theme)

  • Ep069: James Burns (SEMINARS / Police Teeth) & Casey Nolan


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    (stream and download – Episode 69)

    Tour tapes, Small towns and small minds, gentrification, Katy Lester and STUD LEATHER, Latest Flame and “street gang”, Digital Snakes and usury Human Kid ep, cats and cat situations, Casey learning to play bass with her pinky and playing with James, baseball, more on tour tapes, writing “Rats”, “It’s Fine”, Tourin’ in a Suburban, Casey being the band mom and the youngest member, local Rabbis and Dragon Ball Z… 9,000 minutes worth.

    SEMINARS – 100 Problems
    Hurry Up Shotgun – Speedbath Megawaste

    SEMINARS – Stud Leather
    Police Teeth – Digital Snakes

    SEMINARS – Easy ‘Cause It Is
    SEMINARS – Diet Coke and Aspirin

    Sin BAD – Anxiety
    SEMINARS – The Rats Are Coming, The Werewolves Are Here

    SEMINARS – West Coast
    SEMINARS – Comm House

    Porch – Heartattack
    These Estates – Soiled Hands (live)
    the rutabega – Entrapment

    Shellac – Be Prepared
    Melvins – Beer Hippy
    Whores – Cougars, Not Kittens


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