Month: October 2017

  • Ep101: Fox Face (Mary Joy, Lindsay DeGroot, Lydia Chioda, Chopper Chioda)

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    (stream and download – Episode 101)

    t’s time for a FREEWHEELING episode of Protonic Reversal! Conan and Josh have guests live in the studio: the most excellent Milwaukee band Fox Face! Hear such seemingly endless digressions such as:

    -Josh’s mic antics
    -Fox Face meets Dirtnap
    -Rock ‘n’ roll maternity leave
    -Conan’s most relaxing episode ever
    -Banana and the Handplant
    -the garage rock scene…?
    -Magick? Like from the X-Men?
    -Lindsey watching the Craft a bunch
    -Always dicking on purpose
    -Following a songwriting path
    -Is Britney Spears listening right now?
    -The long history of Fox Face and its members
    -The (not really) fairweather drummer
    -Heterogeneity within genres and being classed as a “girl band”
    -Fox Face’s shock at having a web site
    -Tour talk
    -Writing lyrics in a Trump world
    -Mary’s two-drink stage banter
    -Favorite bands in the world scene
    -The Mundane Epiphany
    -Tectonics talk
    -Fantasy show lineups, but achievable
    -Operation: Mind Spiders
    -The thing you play in the van that everyone else hates
    -An extended discussion of Christian rock
    -Conan digs deep to identify the annoying Aerosmith songs
    -Kyle Motor’s cute cat
    -The asset of a sympathetic engineer
    -Being a parent and continuing to be creative

    This episode is very silly, but it’s very fun, and Fox Face is one of our very favorites. Enjoy!

    Fox Face – Clever Girl
    Fox Face – Nasty Woman
    Fox Face – Hiawatha
    Shellac – The End of Radio (Closing Theme)

  • Ep101: Lindsey Charles (The Cell Phones)

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    (stream and download – Episode 101)
    It’s Episode #101 of Protonic Reversal! Your hosts, Conan and Josh, are in a sour mood, due to living in the world. But never fear, a phone call with Lindsey Charles of the Cell Phones cures what ails them! After some discussion about Refused (overrated? Or rated just right?) and the fascinating concept of changing a band’s structure by adding in another ill-fitting member out of rock history.

    Topics in this interview include:

    -Lindsey’s talented brother
    -The curse of buying more than you intended during any Target visit
    -Everyone loving the Cell Phones’ “West Coast”
    -People connecting differently to the same song
    -Why don’t we discuss pregnancy?
    -Wielding emotions like a weapon
    -Playing for unexpecting crowds
    -The puzzle of songwriting
    -Selling the album title
    -Impressing one’s dad
    -53% (Overrun)
    -It’s not a joke, sometimes
    -the Kool Aid Man full of period blood
    -Mismatched bookings
    -Well-matched bookings
    -Encounters with Lesley Gore
    -The outlet of performance

    By the end of the episode, Conan and Josh are on Cloud Nine. We think you will be, too!c

    The Cell Phones – West Coast
    The Cell Phones – You Make Me Say No
    The Cell Phones – 53% (Overrun)
    Shellac – The End of Radio (Closing Theme)

  • Ep100: Chris Frey! Christian Lembach! Sohrab Habibion! Josh Newton! Dale Crover! Tom Hazelmyer! Andrew “Falco” Falkous! Rick Valentin! (not) Steve Albini!

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    (stream and download – Episode 100)

    Oh, shit, it’s the hundredth episode of PROTONIC REVERSAL! Thrill as Conan, Josh, and special in-studio guest Jeff Moody wrangle GUEST AFTER GUEST for two and a half hours! Get ready to hear such scintillations as:

    -Chris Frey on navigating medical crises on a European tour!
    -Christian Lembach on stage rocking with a bum knee!
    -Sohrab Habibion on the new SAVAK album!
    -Josh Newton on Glazed Baby and mysterious Bandcamp apperances!
    -Dale Crover on bootleg shoes and Siri!
    -Tom Hazelmeyer on carrot cake!
    -Rick Valentin on album sequencing and punk rock professorin’!
    -Andrew Falkous on parenthood and moving to London as a grownup!
    -NOT Steve Albini!

    And, believe it or not, EVEN MORE! (Although not more guests, tho, that’s all the guests.) Two and a half hours of entertainment and artistic motivation awaits you, friend!

    Porch – Dickhead
    Whores – I see you are also wearing a black t-shirt
    Savak – Alive in Shadows
    Shiner – The Egg
    Sie lieben maschinen – meat is meat, love is murder
    Dale Crover – Bad Move
    Future of the Left – Eating for None
    Poster Children – Blatant Dis
    Shellac – Steady As She Goes
    Shellac Crow
    Shellac – The End of Radio (Closing Theme)

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Youtube version.
Protonic Reversal Ep293: Will Brooks (Dälek) via @YouTube #podcast #protonicreversal @daleknwk @IpecacRec

Ep293: Will Brooks (Dälek) via @ProtonicPod @daleknwk @IpecacRec #podcast #protonicreversal

Holy crap! @conanneutron interviewing Stu Spasm on @ProtonicPod is fucking great. I used to own Plays the Devils Music on vinyl in the '90s. Just awesome.

Also, this makes me wonder how hard it would be to interview Doc Corbin Dart, for some reason.

Our sister podcast @ProtonicPod is 30 subs away from 1,000 on YouTube! I'm sure @conanneutron would be super-appreciative if we got Protonic to 1,000 subs!

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