Month: May 2016

  • Ep083: Joel Frost (Playing Rock Star)


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    (stream and download – Episode 83)

    Joel Frost does a TV Show called Playing Rock Star. This is a unique show where Joel plays with an established band on one of their big songs and gets a taste of what being in a band people give a damn about must be like. The first episode features The Electric Six, the band with their breakout hit “Gay Bar”. It’s a good conversation about the secret language of being in a band, being a fish out of water and what it is like playing in “the big time” even if only for a night. Check it out!

    Nervous Curtains – Light Up the Sky (Van Halen)
    Electric Six – Gay Bar

    Le Butcherettes – Stab My Back
    the Rutabega – Nosy Neighbors

    Shellac – the End of Radio (closing Theme)

  • Ep082: DJ Hostettler (Unintimidated: Wisconsin Musicians Against Scott Walker)


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    (stream and download – Episode 82)

    A Protonic Reversal special with the mighty DJ Hostettler (Ifihadahifi, Body Futures, etc.) and his Unintimidated: Wisconsin Musicians Against Scott Walker project/culture jam. Conan and DJ talk about the Wisconsin governor and all the ways he is terrible and get to the bottom of what leads so many bands to come together against him. Who says protest music is dead? Get mad!

    Tyranny is Tyranny – Three Point Program to Destroy Wisconsin
    Fowlmouth – Too Tired to Riot

    Body Futures – Right To Work
    Haunted Heads – 285 Feet Tall
    Drillers – Starving

    Holy Shit! – How About ‘no’, Scott?
    Ifihadahifi – Bring Back the Guillotines
    Ifihadahifi – Imperial Walker

    Shellac – the End of Radio (Closing Theme)

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