Month: January 2017

  • Ep093: Hammer, Chisel, Fall – Anti-Inauguration Day Jukebox

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    Pretty straightforward.
    Screw that dude.

    Dead Kennedys – Kill the Poor
    The Crucifucks – Hinkley Had a Vision
    Poster children – the leader
    The Thermals – God and Country

    Minutemen – Fascist / Joe McCarthy’s Ghost / Paranoid Chan

    Shellac – All the Surveyors
    Minutemen – This Ain’t No Picnic
    Iron Maiden – Run to the Hills
    Sleater-Kinney – Combat Rock

    fugazi – smallpox champion
    BABYLAND – Omaha
    Minutes – Raise our Fists Up

    Pete Seeger – We Shall Overcome
    Black Flag – Rise Above

    Public Enemy – Fight the Power
    the Beatles – Revolution (Big Rock version)

    Dirty Three – Everything’s Fucked / Hammer, Chisel, Down/fall collage

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Holy crap! @conanneutron interviewing Stu Spasm on @ProtonicPod is fucking great. I used to own Plays the Devils Music on vinyl in the '90s. Just awesome.

Also, this makes me wonder how hard it would be to interview Doc Corbin Dart, for some reason.

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