Month: August 2016

  • Ep087: Jeff Byron/Dana Poblete (Batwings Catwings)
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    (stream and download – Episode 87)

    Jeff and Dana from Batwings Catwings talk about their new ep Coast to Coast and the experience of being a poppy, but noisy band. The differences between Turbo Lightning and Batwings Catwings, EPs over albums and doing almost every piece of it DIY. Writing inspiration and influence and touring Japan for shows or silly videos. Jeff speaks a bit about producing music for shows and eliminating the excuse of writer’s block. He also talks a bit about his time in the Mae-Shi and let’s it drop that there will be a one off reunion of that band as a benefit for the legendary all-ages venue the Smell.

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    Batwings Catwings – Totally Outrageous
    Batwings Catwings – Coast to Coast

    Batwings Catwings – 1000 Volts
    the Mae-shi – Run to Your Grave
    Turbo Lightning – Faster Than Light
    The Mae Shi – Power to the Power Bite Two
    John Congleton & The Nighty Nite – Until It Goes

  • Ep086: Mike Upchurch (The Hotbox)

    Ep086: Mike Upchurch (The Hotbox)

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    (stream and download – Episode 86)

    Mike Upchurch of the Hotbox! Comes into the Radio NOPE world HQ to talk about heavy jams, and finding the underground NOT through punk rock. Politics are discussed, jokes are cracked and a good time is had by all.

    Melvins – Choco Plumbing
    Tweak Bird – Greens

    Melvins – #2 Pencil
    Helms Alee – Crystal Gale / New West

    The Cell Phones – You Make Me Say No

    Torche – Charge of the Brown Recluse

    Shellac – End of Radio (Closing Theme)

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