Month: March 2020

  • Ep148: Buzz Osborne (Melvins)

    Buzz Osborne

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    Buzz Osborne returns to Protonic Reversal to discuss quarantines, the new acoustic(+) album Gift of Sacrifice, songwriting, gear and lots, lots more.

    -Quarantine Life
    -EP, Acoustic Records and covering Six Pack
    -Trevor Dunn!
    -Limited edition handmade stuff
    -“You don’t HAVE to buy it.”
    -Suiting songs to the player
    -Steven McDonald in the band
    -How people listen to music
    -Vintage vs. useful
    Hilbish Design!
    -Vinyl vs. cds
    -Songwriting and “banking songs”
    -Picking up a guitar to write vs. just to play.
    -“You don’t want the fourth of july at all times.”
    -Letting the lightning strike

  • Ep147: Jonathan Nuñez (Torche)

    Jonathan Nuñez

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    Jonathan Nuñez of the mighty Torche joins Conan for a talk that includes:

    -Nuñez Amplification and pedals
    -The current “golden age” of small scale, handmade gear.
    -Moving from bass go guitar.
    -Parting ways with Andrew
    -Parting ways with Juan
    -The extended family of Miami rockers.
    -The absolutely insane journey of Torche’s post-Russian/Greece Covid-19 tour
    -Covid-19 lifestyle changes
    -Torche “Part Time Punks” sessions
    -Jonathan’s path into recording and playing music.

    And tons more!

  • Ep146: Mark Lanegan (Mark Lanegan Band, Queens of the Stone Age, Gutter Twins, Screaming Trees)

    Mark Lanegan

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    -Doing the video with Travis and Joe (and Donel!)
    -Video with Jimmy the cab driver (reprising that character after years)
    -Making the other video at the Salton Sea with still photographs
    -“Don’t mind the crickets.”
    -The book! “Sing Backwards and Weep” (and companion piece record)
    -Recording the companion piece record to the book and linking the songs to it.
    -“A pandora’s box of shitty memories.”
    -Working with Rob Marshall of Humanist.
    -Making a double record/great double records.
    -Opening for Watt
    -Blues Funeral
    -Meet and greets at the merch table and getting ghost pain from shaking hands.
    -Complicated hand shake non-engagement
    -Older audiences.
    -Picking a setlist with so much material.
    -Ripping off Leonard Cohen
    -Rated R and joining Queens of the Stone Age
    -Gutter Twins with Greg Dulli
    -Playing on each other’s records, vs. working on things together.
    -Meeting Greg Dulli (and initially wanting to kick ass ass)
    -“Secret beef!”
    -Josh Homme in Screaming Trees
    -Walking the streets with Josh Homme, and Josh being misidentified as a cop!
    -The Conner brothers.
    -The story of the Screaming Trees.
    -Publically learning how to make records
    -Different crowds knowing different eras of the music.
    -Artist vs. entertaintainer vs. guy who stands there and sings.
    -Stooges and being in Iggy’s sights

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