Month: April 2016

  • Ep081: Brendan Canty (fugazi, Deathfix, Burn to Shine)

    Brendan Canty - fugazi - episode81
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    (stream and download – Episode 81)

    Quick political check in with Drumpf calling for punishments for abortion, then it’s on with Brendan Canty! 31:00 for the over eager.
    Live soundtracks, Brent Green, fugazi children, the fluidity of instant sharing, the lack of endless labor, the arduous wait for a physical release, lots of stuff “out there” these days, sticking it out, relationship with the music as a band and with the fans, on hanging out and NOT being fugazi, records taking a long time and the internal metrics for what it takes, fugazi as cultural shorthand for Conan, Burn to Shine Atlanta, Louisville and beyond, Batman vs. Superman, Zack Snyder is a hack and Embrace the Serpent.

    Songs played:
    Lardo – Gunmetal Eyes
    fugazi – Public Witness Program
    Bob Mould – Circles

    Deathfix – Low Laying Dreams
    fugazi – Brendan #1
    Deathfix – Better Than Bad

  • Ep080: Sean Kirkpatrick (Nervous Curtains, The pAperchAse)


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    (stream and download – Episode 80)

    Being in a synth band in a world of guitars. The Low Defender ep, Abba and Van Halen covers, being a song based synth band, from piano to synths, demos and writing, Is Texas a rough place to be a synthy band?, crazy Texas politicians, circles of shared interests and bias reinforcement, music discovery then and now, rhythm fascination and remixes.

    Nervous Curtains – PMA
    Nervous Curtains – CWII.2

    Lardo – Black Holes
    Nervous Curtains – Light up the Sky (Van Halen)

    Nervous Curtains – Parody
    Nervous Curtains – Low Defender

    Nervous Curtains – the Visitors (Abba)
    Le Butcherettes – Stab My Back
    Nervous Curtains – Krautdog
    Nervous Curtains – Devastator

  • Ep079: Josh Newton (Shiner, Glazed Baby, Season to Risk) -pt2


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    (stream and download – Episode 79)

    Interview at 30 minutes.

    auto updates, ipad as alarm clock, “waking up is hard to do”, Part 2 with Josh Newton (30 minute mark)

    Shiner shows. “Shiner and Chill”, music vs. delivering pizza, on joining and quitting From Autumn to Ashes, “I love you guys, but i’m done”, Conan’s Dwarves story. Working for SNL, Falling in with Fall Out Boy, playing “uptown funk” with little notice, Houston rodeo, The Damned Things, blowing it with Dave Grohl, the Anthrax dudes, JUNE GLOOM, Aluminati and pedals, Wiz Khalifi and Keith Levene. deleting facebook, politics, etc. illusion of action. ALL THIS AND MORE, NOW IT CAN BE TOLD!

    Shiner – Play Dead
    Generalissimo – Pipe City
    Sie Lieben Maschinen – The Man Laughs
    Megamaul – Tunnel Rat
    Shiner – Andalusia

    Sie Lieben Maschinen – Premier cru
    Roomrunner – Bait Car

    Sie Lieben Maschinen – Should have looked in the mirror.
    Shiner – Surgery


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