Month: August 2014

  • Ep019: David Urbano (Eastern Anchors) / Dixie Jacobs (Body Futures)

    Conan Neutron's Protonic Reversal

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    (stream and download – Episode 19)


    Double whammy! Dave Urbano from Eastern Anchor in studio and Dixie Jacobs from Body Future on the phone. The Steve Albini 7″ test, Genesis, ZZ Top, downward dog, crowdfunding, autoharps, spam e-mails and hilarious job posts. All this and more ding dang great music than you can shake a stick at! You try it, you try and shake that stick… YOU. WILL. FAIL.

    00:00:00 Tilts – Ozark Bowtie (Opening Theme)
    00:03:05 Intro, “Pass the ducky”, Dave Urbano intro, “Grab a hoodie”

    00:05:14 Drive Like Jehu – Bullet Train To Vegas
    00:07:46 Eastern Anchors – Leading With Your Right

    00:10:26 Dancing or boxing, DLJ talk, Reis/Friberg, Torrey Neutron recommends opium to Tony Ash, Mariachi Bands and Urbano West, Eastern Anchors history, Avis O’Hara, Bud Clamato, split 7″, Screaming Females

    00:32:19 Eastern Anchors – Above Your Station
    00:35:20 Eastern Anchors – James the Viking

    00:40:06 ZZ Top talk, old records, rock parents and music discovery. DJ Spork, speeding up records. The Steve Albuni test, Justin Bieber 800% Slooooooower (sounds like Enya), Slayer, Downward Dog, B. Hamilton cover revealed, crowdfunding, that potato sald thing, Brenna on the house hunt, pay it forward, superbowl half time payola.

    01:04:10 Minutes – In Your Own Fuel
    01:07:17 Turbo Lightning – Oh! Oh! Oblivion
    01:09:57 we say goodbye to David Urbano and make him redo a station ID.

    01:13:25 Body Futures – That’s So Church
    01:16:15 Dixie Jacobs of Body Futures on the phone.
    Sound clips and the new BF record, Ifihadahifi, BF origin story, organ harvesting, “bouncy”, autoharp and PJ Harvey, “Nice harpsichord”, Shanana Clone Project Alpha story, epic spam reveal, hilarious coffee job application, Why it may be better to grow up without the internet, the walkman as the mysterious entity. WARNING: Record is NOT actually butterscotch, tour dates with the rutabega.

    01:48:08 Body Futures – Shanana Clone Project Alpha

    01:52:00 Shellac – End of Radio (closing theme)…

  • Ep018: Ryan De La Hoz (Cool Try)

    ep018-ryandelohoz (1)

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    (stream and download – Episode 18)

    in the midst of the entire world falling apart in Ferguson Missouri, Protonic Reversal soldiers on… with artist Ryan De La Hoz. We talk social justice, constitutional law, black faxing, Robin Williams, the prescient nature of the movie Network and Altered Beast… usually over a bed of breaking glass soundclips.

    00:00:00 Tilts – Ozark Bowtie (Opening Theme)

    00:1:30 #inyoface, Howard Beale and more, Brenna introduces Ryan De La Hoz over six minutes of breaking glass!

    00:07:00 The Gary – Valhalla
    00:09:54 Grinderman – Palaces of Montezuma

    00:13:15 John Houlihan calls in about the world falling apart. How do you do a radio show when the world
    a mystery buzz shows in

    00:19:52 Body Futures – (That’s A) Big Smile (For Someone About to Drown)
    00:24:18 Risk/Reward – In the Sea
    00:26:22 fugazi – Reclamation
    00:29:42 Generalissimo – Chemtrails

    00:32:39 More talk about Ferguson, somebody got shot because a white person got scared. Brenna talks about friends being unaware of racism, and the quiet racism in the south. “you can’t be ‘hey everybody! pizza party, when the eyes of the world are on you.”. The “P” word. Yell “FIRE” not help.

    Ryan “Of the sickle”, being in Juxtapoz, how things have came together by just making stuff and sharing it. The heft of trusted sources. The yin and yang of being published, and what the different outlets are. Robin Williams story. Aaaaaand… back to politics.
    Constitutional originalism, the Koch brothers, etc. Temporarily embarrassed millionaires.

    01:08:30 Minutemen – Political Song for Michael Jackson to Sing
    01:09:43 fugazi – ex-spectator

    01:14:02 “I’m mad as hell…” now more than ever! The prescient nature of the movie network, corporate personhood, etc. Altered Beast and the origin of “Welcome to your doom.”. Indigo dying… printed skulls over real skulls.

    01:26:35 Reverb Bomb – Good As Gold
    01:29:35 Federation X – Good as Gold

    01:33:55 Pizza party board game, Crossfire board game and theme song, even more glass breaking, Anonymous and Scientology and Black Faxing, concept and t-shirt, Black Flag (featuring Greg Ginn) discussion… the one with the shoeless cut rate Harry Dean Stanton on drums, constant present tense… “Pixies, will you just go away?”, Shark week falsification

    01:52:00 Shellac – End of Radio (closing theme)

  • Ep017: Bob Bucko Jr.

    Conan Neutron's Protonic Reversal

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    (stream and download – Episode 17)

    Bob Bucko Jr. is a prolific solo artist and a hilarious dude, listen in as heavy metal bellydancing, growing up on mix tapes being a tape trader vs. a tape TRAITOR, the city of Dubuque and lots more are discussed. All that plus some bonus Ryan Werner. Additionally Conan talks about the passing of his former best friend.

    00:00:00 Tilts – Ozark Bowtie (Opening Theme)
    00:04:39 Minutes – Get Off Your Ass
    00:07:10 FoWlMouTh – (Baby I’m An) Old Motherfucker

    00:10:40 Conan polishes the floor with his coffee, running late, Brenna is “over people”, humans are terrible. “You’re a big weirdo, but you’re sweet.”

    00:16:04 United Nations – Meanwhile on Main Street
    00:19:02 Motherfucker – Dot. Dot. Dot.

    00:21:42 Instrumental bands, keep it succinct will ya?! Shannon Corr, What Hast Thou Wroth?! “Chooch Talkin'”

    00:26:05 Minot – Allostatic Load

    00:33:07 Bob Bucko Jr. (and Ryan Werner)
    Genius and Cat poop… scattershot releases. Touring with Ryan Werner. 29 days of cover songs, BBJ by reputation, low budget tours and heavy metal bellydancing, HELMET, Battles and guest vocalists for each songs… My Machines video description. Extended John Stanier discussion. Growing up on mix tapes and releasing things on cassette. Tape Trader or Tape TRAITOR?!?, Illuminati and gold bars, Dubuque, IOWA… what makes it such a unique area.
    Losing local cultural identity. Real time drop relates the hard sell on Des Moines.

    01:10:32 Bob Bucko Jr. – LR72
    01:14:43 Least Best Beast – Frail Common Animal

    01:19:11 Tricky questions and dead friends, Silkworm documentary and Conan opens up about his former best friend Clay Wofford dying. Talking about perception from different times in your life. finding music that is “yours”, dealing with loss and what a “best friend” means. Being the person that has to break bad news to people

    01:33:52 Big Black – Steelworker
    01:38:02 Battles – My Machines

    01:41:54 More talk about Battles, junk science, Real Time Drop realizes the title of the show is a Ghostbusters reference, Cool Try designs, back patches, and creepy social networkers

    01:52:00 Shellac – the End of Radio (Closing Theme)…

  • Ep016: Austin Pitts (Hurry Up Shotgun)

    Conan Neutron's Protonic Reversal

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    (stream and download – Episode 16)

    Austin from Hurry Up Shotgun comes on the show to talk music, socio economic class concerns and play a brand new HuS song acoustic. Point Break is quoted and discussed, as are spotted dicks. Speak into the microphone squidbrain…

    00:00:00 Tilts – Ozark Bowtie (Opening Theme)
    00:04:21 rutabega- Come Back Big Brother
    00:07:43 Feeling Gravity’s Pull – Have I Mentioned…

    00:12:45 Christopher Casuga and his wild weekend for sibling/brother (?) show Live From the Barrage, she ships and riddles of the ages, you can’t be on a radio show on an airplane. “I’m a surgeon! Let me play bejeweled”

    00:19:20 Greys – Use Your Delusion
    00:21:42 Dead Rider – Weird Summer

    00:25:37 Dead Rider show recap, former PR guest Todd Rittman as an alternate universe James Brown/Snakefinger badassery. Sheer Accident, etc. DJ Real Time Drop speaks about Point Break, Net Neutrality

    00:37:28 Songs for Snakes – F.E.A.R.
    00:41:21 christian fitness – carthage must be destroyed

    00:43:57 Gear thefts “Where do they go?”, how about a documentary on that?, talk about the mclusky gear theft spoken of in Episode 15, and the Hurry Up Shotgun/Songs For Snakes show that has now already passed.

    00:53:46 Hurry Up Shotgun – acoustic song

    00:57:25 Hurry Up Shotgun – What to Do When Your Unemployment Check Bounces
    01:03:05 Hurry Up Shotgun – Swim

    01:07:38 “So that’s why Abraham Lincoln is a zombie then?”, bubble baths, aux barricades, class themes in Hurry Up Shotgun and the working poor. Serious socio-economic talk and class issues…on NPR… er… Radio Valencia, Caturday, the idea of the commons, corporate personhood, the logtical fallacy of corporate largesse and celebrating the individual without supporting the needs of the individual.

    01:29:30 fugazi – Give Corporations
    01:31:56 Minutes – Get Off Your Ass

    01:34:23 some thoughts on fugazi, classism in music, travel, more sobering economic concerns and class difference.

    01:45:03 B Hamilton – Miss Carolina

    01:48:29 What is and is not broken based upon if it is owned or not.

    01:52:00 Shellac – End of Radio (Closing Theme)

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