Ep017: Bob Bucko Jr.

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Bob Bucko Jr. is a prolific solo artist and a hilarious dude, listen in as heavy metal bellydancing, growing up on mix tapes being a tape trader vs. a tape TRAITOR, the city of Dubuque and lots more are discussed. All that plus some bonus Ryan Werner. Additionally Conan talks about the passing of his former best friend.

00:00:00 Tilts – Ozark Bowtie (Opening Theme)
00:04:39 Minutes – Get Off Your Ass
00:07:10 FoWlMouTh – (Baby I’m An) Old Motherfucker

00:10:40 Conan polishes the floor with his coffee, running late, Brenna is “over people”, humans are terrible. “You’re a big weirdo, but you’re sweet.”

00:16:04 United Nations – Meanwhile on Main Street
00:19:02 Motherfucker – Dot. Dot. Dot.

00:21:42 Instrumental bands, keep it succinct will ya?! Shannon Corr, What Hast Thou Wroth?! “Chooch Talkin'”

00:26:05 Minot – Allostatic Load

00:33:07 Bob Bucko Jr. (and Ryan Werner)
Genius and Cat poop… scattershot releases. Touring with Ryan Werner. 29 days of cover songs, BBJ by reputation, low budget tours and heavy metal bellydancing, HELMET, Battles and guest vocalists for each songs… My Machines video description. Extended John Stanier discussion. Growing up on mix tapes and releasing things on cassette. Tape Trader or Tape TRAITOR?!?, Illuminati and gold bars, Dubuque, IOWA… what makes it such a unique area.
Losing local cultural identity. Real time drop relates the hard sell on Des Moines.

01:10:32 Bob Bucko Jr. – LR72
01:14:43 Least Best Beast – Frail Common Animal

01:19:11 Tricky questions and dead friends, Silkworm documentary and Conan opens up about his former best friend Clay Wofford dying. Talking about perception from different times in your life. finding music that is “yours”, dealing with loss and what a “best friend” means. Being the person that has to break bad news to people

01:33:52 Big Black – Steelworker
01:38:02 Battles – My Machines

01:41:54 More talk about Battles, junk science, Real Time Drop realizes the title of the show is a Ghostbusters reference, Cool Try designs, back patches, and creepy social networkers

01:52:00 Shellac – the End of Radio (Closing Theme)

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