Protonic Reversal: Music Podcast Protonic Reversal,Show Posts Ep384: Rick Sims (Didjits, Gaza Strippers)

Ep384: Rick Sims (Didjits, Gaza Strippers)

Ep384: Rick Sims (Didjits, Gaza Strippers) post thumbnail image
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293 episodes since Rick Sims last protoniced, did they even have podcasts then? Was it on wax cylinders? Probably. Anyway! Strictly Dynamite is the new Best of and Rarities Didjits collection. It’s got all of the best stuff, but also has some stuff that even the true heads don’t have. We get into the confrontation and “monster voice” of the some of the Didjits stuff, how some of that probably, possibly, definitely hasn’t aged too well, what that means for music now. Why rock ‘n roll should be dangerous, and lots of other stuff! Supersuckers! Gaza Strippers! Just Fred with Fred Schneider of the B-52s and of course the Lee Harvey Oswald band. Hey! It is Rick Sims. Let’s go!


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