Ep108: Darren Jackson (Kid Dakota)

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Darren Jackson – Kid Dakota

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12/14 Darren Jackson

Hello, friends, and thank you for joining Conan and Josh for another episode of Protonic Reversal! Today’s guest is Darren Jackson of Kid Dakota, whose album So Pretty is about to get its first vinyl issue. We discuss that, and:

-the So Pretty cover art
-a Low connection
-Shifting production ideas
-Spy mission band recruitment
-Precise music
-Lack of overdub ideas
-Selling the story instead of the music
-How the image fills in the vacuum
-Post-tragic euphoria
-Assessing the Kid Dakota discography
-The lasting popularity of a landmark early record
-Leaving room in the song for the listener
-Recording the new album
-and the next one upcoming!
-When your best album doesn’t catch on
-Getting burned out, recharging and focusing
-Craft pedals
-An unexpected soundtrack opportunity
-Vietnamese bootleg website

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