Ep367: Scott Macdonald (Arcwelder)

Ep367: Scott Macdonald (Arcwelder) post thumbnail image
Protonic Reversal Podcast

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Rejoice! For the first time since 1999 there is a new Arcwelder! CONTINUE is out now. What better way to celebrate than to have the amazing drummer and co-primary vocalist Scott Macdonald on. We get into all of the details of recording it, as well as constant comparisons to another Minnestota band…. the original sound of grindy, angular riffs with huge hooks and melodies.  Tilt-a-whirl to Arcwelder (improvement), Jacket Made in Canada, PULL, Xerxes, Everest, Entropy and lots, lots more. IYKYK, first Arcwelder interview in at least a few Presidents. Let’s go!

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