Day: November 15, 2023

Ep360: Simon Bonney and Joshua Murphy (Crime & the City Solution)Ep360: Simon Bonney and Joshua Murphy (Crime & the City Solution)

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The Killer is the new record by the latest lineup of Crime & the City Solution, the band is embarking on a long tour of Europe with new member multi-instrumentalist Joshua Murphy not just playing in the band but also opening the shows with his own solo set. All this plus Simon’s tour with the late Mark Lanegan, Drawing inspiration from the lyricism and rhythm of hip-hop, Sly Stone, the journalists school of lyric writing, like Hunter Thompson, Wim Wenders, Six Bells Chime and Wings of Desire, writing the Adversary for Until The End of the World. A runaway success story with Bronwyn 45 years on, Simon’s international travels and experiences with anti-corruption in places like Papua New Guinea, living in Berlin and lots more.