Protonic Reversal: Music Podcast Show Posts Ep018: Ryan De La Hoz (Cool Try)

Ep018: Ryan De La Hoz (Cool Try)

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in the midst of the entire world falling apart in Ferguson Missouri, Protonic Reversal soldiers on… with artist Ryan De La Hoz. We talk social justice, constitutional law, black faxing, Robin Williams, the prescient nature of the movie Network and Altered Beast… usually over a bed of breaking glass soundclips.

00:00:00 Tilts – Ozark Bowtie (Opening Theme)

00:1:30 #inyoface, Howard Beale and more, Brenna introduces Ryan De La Hoz over six minutes of breaking glass!

00:07:00 The Gary – Valhalla
00:09:54 Grinderman – Palaces of Montezuma

00:13:15 John Houlihan calls in about the world falling apart. How do you do a radio show when the world
a mystery buzz shows in

00:19:52 Body Futures – (That’s A) Big Smile (For Someone About to Drown)
00:24:18 Risk/Reward – In the Sea
00:26:22 fugazi – Reclamation
00:29:42 Generalissimo – Chemtrails

00:32:39 More talk about Ferguson, somebody got shot because a white person got scared. Brenna talks about friends being unaware of racism, and the quiet racism in the south. “you can’t be ‘hey everybody! pizza party, when the eyes of the world are on you.”. The “P” word. Yell “FIRE” not help.

Ryan “Of the sickle”, being in Juxtapoz, how things have came together by just making stuff and sharing it. The heft of trusted sources. The yin and yang of being published, and what the different outlets are. Robin Williams story. Aaaaaand… back to politics.
Constitutional originalism, the Koch brothers, etc. Temporarily embarrassed millionaires.

01:08:30 Minutemen – Political Song for Michael Jackson to Sing
01:09:43 fugazi – ex-spectator

01:14:02 “I’m mad as hell…” now more than ever! The prescient nature of the movie network, corporate personhood, etc. Altered Beast and the origin of “Welcome to your doom.”. Indigo dying… printed skulls over real skulls.

01:26:35 Reverb Bomb – Good As Gold
01:29:35 Federation X – Good as Gold

01:33:55 Pizza party board game, Crossfire board game and theme song, even more glass breaking, Anonymous and Scientology and Black Faxing, concept and t-shirt, Black Flag (featuring Greg Ginn) discussion… the one with the shoeless cut rate Harry Dean Stanton on drums, constant present tense… “Pixies, will you just go away?”, Shark week falsification

01:52:00 Shellac – End of Radio (closing theme)

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