Ep130: Best albums of 2018

Protonic Reversal Podcast

Ep130 was our special on our favorite albums of 2019. It’s a lot like the list that is on the site in list form, but we had call ins and such… if you want to listen it is here.

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Ep057: Jon Fine (Bitch Magnet, Your Band Sucks [book])Ep057: Jon Fine (Bitch Magnet, Your Band Sucks [book])

Protonic Reversal Podcast          Episode 57 http://www.radionope.com/podcasts.radionope.com/Conan%20Neutron's%20Protonic%20Reversal/conan_neutrons_protonic_reversal.2015-06-18.0800.mp3 Jon and Conan talk about the many wonders of his memoir/recollection of a band called Bitch Magnet and a different time in independent music.