Day: March 18, 2022

Ep286: Jarboe (Swans, Solo, World of Skin)Ep286: Jarboe (Swans, Solo, World of Skin)

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Wow! It is THE LIVING JARBOE, artist, singer, musician and ICON. Coming at last to Protonic Reversal to talk about the reissue, remaster and reimagining of the Skin/World of Skin record “blood, women, roses” being reborn as Jarboe – Skin, Blood, Women, Roses. CRY ME A RIVER, Eat or sleep tour, Hauling heavy vintage keyboards up and down stairs (and reloading sounds during power outages), BIRTHRIGHT and Swans, living in very dangerous environments, visual art, and making unique things. Only Lovers Left Alive and Jozef van Wissem.  All that and collaborations with Jesu and Neurosis, Helen Money and Kris Force. People! It’s Jarboe!