Ep142: Matt Cronk (Qui, Cunts)

Protonic Reversal Podcast
Matt Cronk of Qui

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First episode of 2020 is up! Matt Cronk of Qui and Cunts speaks to Conan about all things rock!

-Quite a bit of talk about midwest vs. L.A.
-Cunts origin story
-AmRep/Touch and Go style or Hardcore Band?
-The name, reactions or non-reactions thereof. “If you’re offender by it, it’s probably not for you… and that’s fine”
-Being in a band that is getting a little bit of attention while being a musician approaching middle age.
-“While they argue about riffs, I can look at girls on tinder”
-Qui… and Anything Goes!
-Genre vs. Emotional Response.
-Qui on recharge status
-Covering “Goin’ Out West”
-Hardcore bands lack of originality.
-“I just want to listen to Captain Beefheart and REM
-David Yow joining Qui
-Qui recording Ashtry Heart with Buzz Osborne, Dale Drover, Trevor Dunn and Kevin Rutmanis
-Ramones vs. Eric Dolphy: respect to both, different skill sets.

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