Day: August 30, 2014

Ep019: David Urbano (Eastern Anchors) / Dixie Jacobs (Body Futures)Ep019: David Urbano (Eastern Anchors) / Dixie Jacobs (Body Futures)

Conan Neutron's Protonic Reversal

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Double whammy! Dave Urbano from Eastern Anchor in studio and Dixie Jacobs from Body Future on the phone. The Steve Albini 7″ test, Genesis, ZZ Top, downward dog, crowdfunding, autoharps, spam e-mails and hilarious job posts. All this and more ding dang great music than you can shake a stick at! You try it, you try and shake that stick… YOU. WILL. FAIL.

00:00:00 Tilts – Ozark Bowtie (Opening Theme)
00:03:05 Intro, “Pass the ducky”, Dave Urbano intro, “Grab a hoodie”

00:05:14 Drive Like Jehu – Bullet Train To Vegas
00:07:46 Eastern Anchors – Leading With Your Right

00:10:26 Dancing or boxing, DLJ talk, Reis/Friberg, Torrey Neutron recommends opium to Tony Ash, Mariachi Bands and Urbano West, Eastern Anchors history, Avis O’Hara, Bud Clamato, split 7″, Screaming Females

00:32:19 Eastern Anchors – Above Your Station
00:35:20 Eastern Anchors – James the Viking

00:40:06 ZZ Top talk, old records, rock parents and music discovery. DJ Spork, speeding up records. The Steve Albuni test, Justin Bieber 800% Slooooooower (sounds like Enya), Slayer, Downward Dog, B. Hamilton cover revealed, crowdfunding, that potato sald thing, Brenna on the house hunt, pay it forward, superbowl half time payola.

01:04:10 Minutes – In Your Own Fuel
01:07:17 Turbo Lightning – Oh! Oh! Oblivion
01:09:57 we say goodbye to David Urbano and make him redo a station ID.

01:13:25 Body Futures – That’s So Church
01:16:15 Dixie Jacobs of Body Futures on the phone.
Sound clips and the new BF record, Ifihadahifi, BF origin story, organ harvesting, “bouncy”, autoharp and PJ Harvey, “Nice harpsichord”, Shanana Clone Project Alpha story, epic spam reveal, hilarious coffee job application, Why it may be better to grow up without the internet, the walkman as the mysterious entity. WARNING: Record is NOT actually butterscotch, tour dates with the rutabega.

01:48:08 Body Futures – Shanana Clone Project Alpha

01:52:00 Shellac – End of Radio (closing theme)