Ep067: Christian Lembach (Whores.)

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Music as delivery system or community, Harvey Milk, Keeping intensity as one grows older, sincerity and going deep, lyrical content as literal reading vs. gallows humor, song titles first as the box to write in, on trying to not play music, on throwing out songs, bummer-vibe bands being the best people, new records and making the time to write, the soft tyranny of diminished expectations, band names getting a band in trouble, “ok” not being good enough, local scenes, writing and recording a song in 48 hours for AmRep.

Interview starts at 29 minutes

Manhandle – Red Dawn
Whores – I Am Not a Goal Oriented Person
Whores – I Am An Amateur At Everything

Neighbor – Two Shadows
Whores – Jumping Someone Else’s Train

interview with Christian Lembach of whores.

Whores – Bloody Like The Day You Were Born
Shellac – The End of Radio (Closing Theme)

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