Ep046: Tony Molina

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Daylight savings time is stupid and Conan rants about it. What to do when youtube flags your own song for copyright violation. Replicator. In hour two they talk to Tony Molina. Speaking to classic rock, ZZ Top, Pantera party houses and blood fountains and Brenna tells a cautionary tale of why you should be careful in strange cities.

8:00am: Casually Intense (opening theme) by Conan Neutron & the Secret Friends
8:17am: Dragging Your Axe by Eastern Anchors from Dragging Your Axe Behind You

8:19am: Shiny Destination by the rutabega from Shiny Destination

8:26am: Henry Don’t Get Love by Le Butcherettes from Sin Sin Sin
8:32am: Going Home by Thoughts Detecting Machines from Forget

8:52am: Keep Your Mouth Closed by Risk/Reward from Risk/Reward
8:55am: ESPN Zone by Room Runner from Seperate

9:01am: Poor Born by Dead Moon
9:04am: Poor Born by The Bismarck
9:07am: Hydronauts by Nonagon from the Last Hydronaut

9:22am: Change My Ways by Tony Molina from Dissed and Dismissed
9:22am: Can’t Believe by Tony Molina from Dissed and Dismissed

9:53am: The Way Things Are by Tony Molina from Dissed and Dismissed
9:54am: See Me Through by Tony Molina from Dissed and Dismissed

9:58am: The end of Radio by Shellac from Excellent Italian Greyhound (Closing Theme)

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