Ep317: Top Records of 2022

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It is time for the yearly countdown of some of my favorite records of 2022. I can’t include all of them and taste is subjective, but hopefully you can find some gems here that you either were not aware of or have been meaning to check out. And for those that don’t care about the episode and just want lists, here’s that too. (also in playlist form) Bandname – Song – Album, and deep links to their respective episode (where appropriate)

1. SERVICE – Hey – Drag Me 

2. Lung – Sick – Let it Be Gone 

3. Helms Alee – Mouth Thinker – Keep This Be The Way (ep268

4. Chat Pile – Pamela – God’s Country (ep305)

5. Kal Marks – Ovation – My Name is Hell (ep302)

6. Hammered Hulls – Rights and Reproduction – Careening  (ep316)

7. Sloan – Keep Your Name Alive – Steady 

8. Paul Roessler – Maker – The Turning of the Bright World (ep312)

9. Plosivs – Hit the Breaks – Plosivs 

10. Melvins – My Discomfort is Radiant – Bad Mood Rising 

11. Dälek – A Heretic’s Inheritence – Precipice (ep293)

12. Savak – Empathy – Human Error / Human Delight (ep292) 

13. Toshi Kasai – Perpetual Manufactory – Based on True Stories (ep306)

14. Mr Phylzzz – Pretend Friends – Cancel Culture Club 

15. Mike Baggetta / Mike Watt / Jim Keltner – Fake Break – Everywhen We Go (ep314, ep315)

16. The Art Gray Noizz Quintent – Here’s Johnny – The Art Gray Noizz Quintent (ep294)

17. A Deer A Horse – Bitter – Grind (ep290)

18. Microwaves – Your Dumb Guts – Discomfiture Atlas (ep308)

19. Coordinated Suicides – Mickey Disney Lover – This Could Be Heaven  

20. DEVO’s Gerald V. Casale – The Invisible Man – The Invisible Man ep (ep313)


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