Protonic Reversal: Music Podcast Protonic Reversal,Show Posts Ep288: Jon Weisnewski (Akimbo, Sandrider)

Ep288: Jon Weisnewski (Akimbo, Sandrider)

Ep288: Jon Weisnewski (Akimbo, Sandrider) post thumbnail image
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That’s right, it’s Conan’s old friend the mighty Jon Weisnewski, host of the excellent TOMORROW WE DIE!  An podcast about touring under adverse conditions that is probably a cousin to Protonic Reversal. Also, the mighty AKIMBO, SANDRIDER and now… NUCLEAR DUDES.

Are you looking for a comprehensive history of the Akimbo Discography? How about the origin of Sandrider? How about exactly what the heck is a Nuclear Dude and why should you care? How about ALL THAT, Alternative Tentacles, the perils of trying to record two albums at the same time and SO. MUCH. MORE. ok?


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