Protonic Reversal: Music Podcast Show Posts Ep103: WORK (Joe Cannon, Jeff Brueggeman, Kavi Laud)

Ep103: WORK (Joe Cannon, Jeff Brueggeman, Kavi Laud)

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It’s time for episode 103 of Protonic Reversal! For the second week in a row, we’ve got in-studio guests: the fantastic Milwaukee band WORK. Conan and Josh encourage much nerdy discussion, along the lines of:

-Numerous and endless band name puns
-Australian GPS voices
-Colin Hay
-Sideshows and local Oakland references
-Guitar rippers like Devo and St. Vincent
-Not having any idea how the band will deal with being in two different cities
-“If we don’t rule, Jeff just starts punching us until we start ruling”
-“Chisel: Because the Jam broke up”
-Mean and vicious pop
-Keeping the record contiguous
-The album tracks on Thriller
-Trying to use the least time to record their comp song
-Joe Lally
-“How come we don’t have Thursday Thursdays?”
-Tangin’ the hump
-Joe’s superpower: Temporarily Benjamin Franklin
-Domain names
-Electric Abacus: “Pretty proggy, very formulaic and repetitive”
-Hassling a song until the most irritating bass line possible brings it together
-Working it out during smoke and/or shit breaks
-Evaluating Paul McCartney’s collaborations
-Quitting the Moody Blues in 1968
-Confusing Michael Jackson videos
-The various mixes of Raw Power
-The Bob James-esque solo records of Max Rebo
-Running into George Lucas at Starbucks
-Obsolete format chat
-What to expect from the new WORK record
-Eating Popeye’s and watching Popeye
-All of us admitting we don’t know enough about Milwaukee’s excellent hip hop scene
-Playing at Bounce right after the wedding ceremony
-Chicken-greasing the lens
-Hating stuff that sounds like stuff
-Audiences love psychedelic freak-outs sometimes
-Tracking the size of a city via pedal steel players
Available to franchise”
-Mittster Mittster
-Strictly fancy
-Josh is revealed to be a character played by Michael Winslow
-Method Snacking
-Lots of T. Rex discussion
-Heading out on a cuddly note
-Smash that F5, keep it refreshed

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