Conan Neutron's Protonic Reversal Show Posts Ep036: Jon Solomon (WPRB/Comedy Minus One)

Ep036: Jon Solomon (WPRB/Comedy Minus One)

Protonic Reversal Podcast

Jon Solomon


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WPRB DJ and Comedy Minus One impressario Jon Solomon joins Protonic Reversal by phone to give a master class in conducting radio shows, preparation and building moods, digging deep on what you love and exactly how one conducts yearly 25 hour straight Christmas special. He also speaks about his current label Comedy Minus One (which is *NOT* a comedy label) and his old one My Pal God. And his formative influence: Wings – At The Speed of Sound. Brenna oversleeps so Conan tells dangerous BART multitasking to an empty room. All this, laughs and great tunes

8:00am: Ozark Bowtie (Opening Theme) by Tilts from Tilts
8:04am: Fleece by Bottomless Pit from Shade Perennial
8:10am: Raise Our Fists Up by Minutes from Roland

8:16am: Diet Coke And Aspirin by SEMINARS from Dreamcrusher
8:20am: Song 33 by The Austerity Program from Beyond Calculation

8:29am: Couldn’t You Wait by Silkworm from Libertine

Interview with Mr. Jon Solomon of WPRB/Comedy Minus One/My Pal God

8:58am: The End of Radio by Shellac from Excellent Italian Greyhound (Closing Theme)

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