Protonic Reversal: Music Podcast Show Posts Ep022: Jon Illum/Evan Gritzon (Lords of Sealand)

Ep022: Jon Illum/Evan Gritzon (Lords of Sealand)

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Evan and Jon from Lords of Sealand come into the studio to speak about Found Fiction their new ep/lp. Additionally Conan paraphrases the “mclusky” benefit rather ineptly, there is talk of viewmasters, flavored coffee, lyrics and profitsharing systems, the spotted dick and Bono sneaking music onto iphones. DJ ambitious wordplay suggests you give it a listen.

00:00:00 Tilts – Ozark Bowtie


00:06:26 christian fitness – aghast, anon, anew
00:09:42 shellac – dude incredible

00:15:38 Feeling Gravity’s Pull – The Committee to Keep Death Permanent

00:18:44 Talk with Evan Gritzon and Jon Illum from Lords of Sealand
Conan paraphrases the “mclusky” benefit rather ineptly, nostalgia, etc. Scottish independence.
The wrath of Con, “giving this ‘record thing’ up’. The Crux vs. Big Crux, viewmasters, etc.
The story behind “found fiction”.

Jon Illum

00:42:19 Lords of Sealand – Salty Gear
00:45:42 Lords of Sealand – Architect

00:48:07 back with Evan and Jon, Conan steals Brenna’s headphones. Musical takes on things, Lords of Sealand is hard to describe. Storytelling Forest Rock?, Evan rejects Conan’s description completely. Flavored coffee. Lyrics and profitsharing systems, charity, etc. Bloodhag and libraries, recording in isolation

01:04:45 Lords of Sealand – King With No Hands
01:09:29 Burn Permits – The Jerk
01:12:12 Dead Rider – New Eyes

01:14:55 palpableness and the spotted dick, heard at a renfest, Jon spotted dick exclusive
skit tracks, people still love the “idea of Conan” on Spotify, Bono sneaking U2 songs onto iphones

01:39:15 The Book-Burners – Come Home
01:43:05 Lords of Sealand – Brittle Bones

01:46:56 Hitting the post-post, DJ Ambitious Wordplay, Camus. plugs and wrap up.

01:52:00 Shellac – The End of Radio
01:52:59 Surprise post show call from Torrey Neutron

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