Day: July 31, 2021

Ep260: Erica Dunn (Tropical Fuck Storm, Mod Con, Palm Springs)Ep260: Erica Dunn (Tropical Fuck Storm, Mod Con, Palm Springs)

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The iconic, unmistakable and mighty Erica Dunn of Mod Con and TFS stops in to chat many things musical, Covid and what not. The existential whiplash of hitting it hard on the road and playing music to the dead stop of the pandemic. Thrill to the brand new Mod Con single Ammo (and subsequent album!) and hear a bit about the tantalizingly mysterious new TFS album DEEP STATES. The path to playing music FOR REAL, playing live shows again, the origins of Palm Springs. What makes You Let My Tyres Down such a unique and cool song. Layers and layers, space in Mod Con and maximalism in TFS… all that and more, more, more!