Day: October 20, 2020

Ep209: Ian Mackaye (fugazi, Coriky, the Evens, Minor Threat, Dischord)Ep209: Ian Mackaye (fugazi, Coriky, the Evens, Minor Threat, Dischord)

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AWESOME. Been wanting to do this talk for a long time. In this episode, you will find: Some talk about podcasts (on a podcast), Coriky! The ecosystem around record stores and pandemic logistics. Starting on piano and moving to bass and then guitar! Baritones! Suggestion! fugazi demos! Instrument (but just the jerks). Lack of interest in nostalgia.  Sitting down and standing back up, memes and mortality, Ian’s memory palace, being made into “content” and for what reason, some discussion on the psychological effect of social media and what you can and cannot control and some very thought provoking advice and perspective on maintaining sanity in crazy times. Be enCOURAGED and don’t give them your joy.