Protonic Reversal: Music Podcast Show Posts Protonic Reversal – Ep049: talk, tunes, etc.

Protonic Reversal – Ep049: talk, tunes, etc.

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PRF West talk up, RIP Obits (the band), tunes, talk. etc. Conan gets polled by a BART worker.

8:00am: Casually Intense by Conan Neutron and the Secret Friends from the Enemy of Everyone
8:07am Thud of the Jackboot by Survival Knife from Survivalized
8:09am: I’m Getting Sick Of You by Le Butcherettes from Sin Sin Sin

8:14am: Dickhead by Porch from Walking Boss

8:38am: Jamie by the Bismarck from Wild Prairie Rose
8:40am: Born Ready by Love Moon from Hocus Focus
8:46am: The Ladder by the rutabega from Shiny Destination

9:04am: Raise the Dead by Charmless
9:08am: Lean Something by Cinder Cone from Bird Why Is There Sand
9:10am: Fading All Away by Jay Reatard from Blood Visions

9:28am: Widow of my Dreams by Obits from I Blame You
9:32am: Wet Firecracker by Silkworm from Firewater
9:35am: Room With a Door by Chung Antique from Sweater Weather

9:47am: Contagious by Happy Fangs from Capricorn

9:50am: Witches in the Garden by Hurry Up Shotgun from Abracadabraham Lincoln
9:51am: The End of Radio (Closing Theme) by Shellac

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