Ep249: Hugo Burnham (Gang of Four)

Ep249: Hugo Burnham (Gang of Four) post thumbnail image
Protonic Reversal Podcast

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Critical thinking. Ephemerality v. Timelessness, Getting drunk on far more expensive wine. Songs of the Free, tracking and revising songs for Return the Gift. Trading creative control vs. bigger bucks. Top of the Pops! (“You’re welcome Duran Duran”) EMI and Warner Brothers, SOLID GOLD and Another Day, Another Dollar. ANTHRAX! The theatre of beating up the microwave. The massive undertaking that is the breathtaking Gang of Four box set 77-81, the tension of Entertainment! and the Band of Brothers of classic Gang of Four, URGH! A music war, PARALYZED, The passing of Andy Gill. Possible new Gang of Four activity. The should have been hit of To Hell With Poverty. Custom Premier kits and A&R. RtJ, Frank Ocean.


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