Day: April 28, 2024

Ep387: Doni Blair (The Toadies, Hagfish, Only Crime, Author)Ep387: Doni Blair (The Toadies, Hagfish, Only Crime, Author)

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Doni Blair is best known as bassplayer for 90s legends The Toadies, but just like his brother Zach. Conan knows him from his old band Hagfish! We talk all about the Hagfish days, and van touring, as well as the glory and the allure of the Rickenbacker bass., a father who was a rock DJ, the “selling out” argument, and no thanks at all the MTV. The book Doni wrote and his journey (over 40!) with martial arts. Even if it Kills Me: Martial Arts, Rock and Roll and of course Dia De Los Toadies, the new record (!) Toadies has recorded with Steve Albini, what to expect for the future with that band, and being a catalog band with loyal fans and finding new audience members as time goes. It is the great Doni Blair! Dive in.