Day: February 26, 2024

Ep376: Steve Turner (Mudhoney, Green River, Monkeywrench, Author)Ep376: Steve Turner (Mudhoney, Green River, Monkeywrench, Author)

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Mud Ride is the name of Steve’s book. A messy trip through the grunge explosion. Steve of course, was there for all of it as a first hand participant with Mudhoney and before that Green River. We talk about all of that, along with The Thrown-Ups, folk records, crate digging, Monkeywrech, day jobs and lots more. Lukin and Maddison, March to Fuzz, Protest songs. Punk rock. I’m Now! Chardonnay! Fearless Doctor Killers! You Got It (which version! And which song is the best introduction to what Mudhoney does and so very much more. Been trying to get this one done for literal years and HERE. WE. ARE.