Day: February 9, 2024

Ep372: John Wright (NoMeansNo, Dead Bob) and Jason Lamb (NMN book)Ep372: John Wright (NoMeansNo, Dead Bob) and Jason Lamb (NMN book)

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John Wright of NoMeansNo and Dead Bob returns! And this time he has the NMN biographer Jason Lamb, author of NoMeansNo: From Obscurity to Oblivion: An Oral History, with him. which has just come out. We speak of the great history of the band and the challenge of getting it all down and doing it right. Casual fans and folks with NMN tattoos, getting across the humor of the band in an informative way, the thrill of the hunt for NMN esoteria, What was left out. The need to focus on the music without the visuals distracting you “The Eyes are Thieves” (and a side conversation about the nature of music and video), And of course much more DEAD BOB