Day: January 29, 2024

Ep370: Zach Blair (Rise Against, GWAR, Hagfish, Only Crime, Anti-Heroes Podcast)Ep370: Zach Blair (Rise Against, GWAR, Hagfish, Only Crime, Anti-Heroes Podcast)

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Zach Blair has had an incredible career in music. He and Conan talk about finding a voice with guitar, Anti-Heroes is Zach’s podcast. Anti-Heroes is a podcast about guitar players that aren’t on the covers of the guitar magazines but who Zach thinks should be. Sounds a little familiar? Hmm. No wonder they are such kindred spirits. Hagfish remembrances (including Conan remembering what a huge fan he was of that band), GWAR antics and logistical nightmares and secret Gwar superfans. Where shredding is and isn’t important. The nostalgia Industrial complex of things like When We Were Young, but honoring the fan experience. Sonic Highways with the Foot Fighters, Joining Rise Against and bringing his own skills to it, DRAKULAS, Only Crime, and Bill Stevenson and living as a working musician in the year 2023. All that and a lot, lot more. It’s Zach Blair!