Day: January 15, 2024

Ep368: Gerald V. Casale (DEVO)Ep368: Gerald V. Casale (DEVO)

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Friend of the show, Gerald V. Casale returns! To talk not only about the 4-d video for the Lounge Version of Pay U Back (with Steve Bartek of Oingo Boingo and Josh Freese), but to talk about the many, many DEVO activities of the last year. US, Europe and Australia tours, a 50 years of De-Evolution box set. The Art DEVO 1973-1977 box set by Futurismo… a restoration of DEVO videos for the MOMA, the premiere of a Vice Devo Documentary directed by Chris Smith. Picking songs, the popularity of Puppet Boy on TikTok, and of course DOVE: The band of LOVE, all this and more on the latest Conan Neutron’s Protonic Reversal