Day: November 13, 2023

Ep359: Nina Nastasia (Solo, Jolie Laide)Ep359: Nina Nastasia (Solo, Jolie Laide)

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The inimitable Nina Nastasia! Jolie Laide is the newest record,  a collaboration between Nina and Jeff MacLeod featuring songs evoking classic California Ballads, Desert Dirges and the cinema of leaving behind. However, as somebody Conan has wanted to talk to for years there is discussion of the entire Nina Nastasia catalog. Collaboration with Marissa Paternoster of Screaming Females, Jim White of the Dirty Three, Steve Albini and the complicated legacy of her former partner, manager and producer Kennan Gudjonsson. The impossible and unique heaviness of last year’s The Riderless Horse, John Peel, Dogs, Blackened Air, Run to Ruin, You Follow Me, Outlaster. All of it! Let’s listen to this distinctive, emotionally powerful singer songwriter whose work tends to be heavier than 5 dudes with downtuned guitars and full stacks, just in a different way.