Day: September 1, 2023

Ep350: Eugene S. Robinson (Oxbow, Buñuel, Author)Ep350: Eugene S. Robinson (Oxbow, Buñuel, Author)

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Love’s Holiday is the new album by Oxbow and A Walk Across Dirty Water and Straight Into Murderer’s Row is Eugene’s new book! Both are momentous occasions. Let’s hear about why Oxbow is NOT like Taylor Swift, the meticulous nature of creating in Oxbow and why there are so many videos for this one and what people can expect. The 51% rule. The key to Oxbow’s longevity. New Buñuel in May 2023. As well as writing about the glory days of punk rock without resorting to myth making and keeping it grounded. East Coast vs West Coast punk rock and creativity. Working for the defense department, and having a boss involved in Contragate. Lydia Lunch! The FIGHT book and the ensuing legacy. Aspirational creativity. Antics and consequences. Uncompromising, tenacious, enduring and artful. Eugene S. Robinson.