Day: August 23, 2023

Ep348: Mike Hard (Thrall, God Bullies, They Never Sleep)Ep348: Mike Hard (Thrall, God Bullies, They Never Sleep)

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It has been a couple years since Mike Hard was on last and quite a bit has happened. Thrall is back! But David Livingstone of God Bullies has left us, as has Johnnie Johnson III. Memories of both of those great people and players. New(!) music with Mike Hard and David Livingstone that has yet to see release. As well as the story of how Thrall has gotten back together and are playing shows again Thrall, God Bullies, the Brain Saw, Hand Over Head, They Never Sleep are all available now on Bandcamp. A freeewheeling conversation that gets into the state of the world, the nature of connection and immediacy of performance, Mike Hard’s book reviews and a lot, lot more.