Day: April 26, 2023

RIP Mark Stewart (Ep285: Mark Stewart of the Pop Group revisited)RIP Mark Stewart (Ep285: Mark Stewart of the Pop Group revisited)

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Devastated to hear the news of Mark Stewart of the Pop Group’s untimely passing. He was a one of a kind guy and a serious force of creativity. Here’s a repost of my episode with him from last year.

The legendary singer and front-man of the iconic and influential The Pop Group comes on Protonic Reversal to talk all about that legendary band, as well as the Rip it Up And Start Again documentary on the “post-punk” scene. Which also refuses to just be a museum piece. Additionally lots about a brand new record of collaborations called VS, including with such folks like KK Null of Zeni Geva and Mike Watt! Lee “Scratch” Perry and lots more. Matt Groening! The Minutemen! Dispatches from that very special time in music that the Pop Group started. As well as returning to that music after many years. Taking the piss, etc. Lots of talk about moving forward and evolving.