Day: December 19, 2022

Ep315: Mike Baggetta (mssv, Mike Baggetta / Mike Watt / Jim Keltner, solo)Ep315: Mike Baggetta (mssv, Mike Baggetta / Mike Watt / Jim Keltner, solo)

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Everywhen We Go, that’s the new record by Mike Baggetta / Jim Keltner / Mike Watt is now out! It’s the latest record from a loose limbed collaboration by the iconic experimental guitarist, the mighty Minutemen bass man and the incredible session drummer who has played with everybody. So what’s the difference between that and MSSV (main STEAM stop valve)? Well Stephen Hodges for one, who played with Tom Waits and many others. We talk about the differences, Mike’s background and history with music and collaboration. Wall of Flowers and Live Flowers, creative process, tones and pedals and a song by song breakdown of the new record. Hey, Watt was just on talking about that too, it’s like the Rashomon effect.