Day: April 9, 2021

Ep241: Andrew “Falco” Falkous (mclusky, Future of the Left, Christian Fitness)Ep241: Andrew “Falco” Falkous (mclusky, Future of the Left, Christian Fitness)

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Yes, yes! The unmistakable Falco returns to Protonic Reversal. We talk about GATEWAY BAND, the new mclusky* live record that comes with a demo of things to come. Creating and the act of creating. SONGS! SONGS! SONGS! More songs than a song convention? SING IT. They may be ones you may or may not get to hear. Christian Fitness, Future of the Left, back issues. Shipping records. Cardiff –> London —> Bristol. Kelson the dentist. Look, look… the man has been on at least 7 times over the years. There’s a good reason. A DELIGHTFUL CHAT. Chock full of delight, really.