Day: March 16, 2021

Ep235: Samantha Paulsen (We Versus The Shark, Mean Queen, Man… or Astro-Man?)Ep235: Samantha Paulsen (We Versus The Shark, Mean Queen, Man… or Astro-Man?)

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Sam Paulsen (Aka: Avona Nova, Sam Shark, etc.) is a fantastic guitarist, singer and songwriter. Most known for being Athens Rock Royalty(TM), she recently pulled up stakes and moved to Bellingham, Washington. Listen is as we talk about reconvening with WVTS, and writing an awesome reunion/comeback record just in time for the pandemic. The rewards and emotional stress of her day job as a nurse during COVID, not being motivated to play guitar. Joining up with MOAM? and going from a fill in member, to a full fledged member. Wild shows, low ceilings, funny times in São Paulo and also a song by song breakdown of Goodbye Guitar by We Versus the Shark.