Day: November 27, 2020

Ep215: Tobias Nathaniel (The Red Step, The Black Heart Procession)Ep215: Tobias Nathaniel (The Red Step, The Black Heart Procession)

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San Diego rock royalty Tobias Nathaniel is known to most for being half of the core of the iconic and influential Black Heart Procession. Excavating the maudlin, somber and longing of the human spirit and defining a sound. Now he lives in Belgrade Serbia and makes lively rock music with The Red Step. There’s still a color, there’s still a movement. We speak of him being a guitar player known for playing piano the most, AC30s (no pedals!), his contribution on Blonde Redhead’s Melody of Certain Damaged Lemons and one of those songs becoming a famous piece of music in Rick and Morty, working with David J, why The Spell is his favorite Black Heart record, learning to sing in a band after many years of playing music (finding a voice) and lots, lots more!