Day: May 29, 2020

Ep175: Gerald V. Casale (DEVO) pt. 2Ep175: Gerald V. Casale (DEVO) pt. 2

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Jerry Casale’s full length appearance in episode 159 was expansive in scope and covered quite a bit, but we didn’t get to everything. Soooo… Mr. Casale returned for what WAS to be a quick 20-30 minute followup.

Listen in as Jerry and Conan talk about the insane story of the movie Human Highway and DEVO’s association with Neil Young. The anniversary of the Kent State shootings. The Are We Not Men? / ChiChi Rodriguez artwork story, the 50 by 50 winery, the (still yet unreleased) DEVO documentary and yes… the source of “Show me some of what’s about to happen.” (Hint: Ben Orr of the Cars) and lots more.