Month: June 2014

  • Ep010: Jeff Moody (Stripwax, FoWlMouTh)

    Conan Neutron's Protonic Reversal

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    (stream and download – Episode 10)

    Remote broadcast from the heart of the midwest, Conan talks to national treasure Jeff Moody about rock ‘n roll themed 4 panel comic strips, music, starting a a band as an “old MF-er” the pain of losing a bandmate and all things awesome. This, PRF BBQ Chicago wrap up and lots more great music.

    00:00:00 Tilts – Ozark Bowtie (Opening Theme)
    00:05:30 Dead Rider – Weird Summer
    00:09:42 Like LIke The The The Death – Night of a Hundred Hondos
    00:12:02 Minutes – Raise Our Fists Up
    00:14:14 Nonagon – Vikings

    00:21:39 SEMINARS – Sweat Feels Like Blood
    00:25:04 Hurry Up Shotgun – Garbage Destinations

    00:32:20 We Ride On – Plastic Vampire Teeth
    00:34:01 Death – Rock-N-Roll Victim
    00:36:39 Motherfucker – Snot Rocket

    00:39:27 Jeff Moody interview

    01:31:57 FoWlMoUth – Wannadon’t
    01:34:39 rutabega – Out Of The Woods And Into The Light
    01:42:05 Happy Fangs – The Truth
    01:44:46 The Bismarck – Breadwinner
    Shellac – The End of Radio (closing theme)…

  • Ep009: More rock, less talk. PRF BBQ Chicago playlist

    Conan Neutron's Protonic Reversal

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    (stream and download – Episode 9)

    00:00:00 Tilts – Ozark Bowtie (Protonic Reversal Theme)
    00:04:00 Dead Rider – Weird Summer
    00:08:01 Tilts – Kobra Kommander

    00:12:30 Roomrunner – Bait Car
    00:16:22 The Cell Phones – Heavy Flow

    00:21:25 fugazi -long division / Runaway return
    00:27:33 Turbo Lightning – Faster Than Light

    00:33:02 Rutabega – Turn On the Summer

    00:47:01 Whales – Seafaring
    00:52:24 Porch – Your hair

    01:00:04 King Buzzo – Rough Democracy
    01:02:34 Minutes – In Your Own Fuel
    01:05:47 Future of the Left – Failed Olympic Bid

    01:10:15 Risk/Reward – Killer
    01:13:04 SEMINARS – Easy ‘Cause It Is
    01:17:09 SCreaming Females – It All Means Nothing

    01:22:45 Hum – If You Are to Bloom
    01:27:47 DEVO – What We Do
    01:31:01 Federation X – Reign On

    01:36:41 Deathfix – Better Than Bad
    01:40:56 Marnie Stern – Nothing is Easy
    01:44:37 Minutemen – This Ain’t No Picnic
    01:45:58 Hot Snakes – Braintrust

    01:50:30 Shellac – End of Radio…

  • Ep008: Robert Kassees (Repeat After Me/Red Light Fever)

    Conan Neutron's Protonic Reversal

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    (stream and download – Episode 8)

    Robert from Repeat After Me and Red Light Fever comes by, talks crayons and high grade vinyl and the abject immediacy of writing, arranging and recording songs with complete strangers. All this, free tattoos on Friday the 13th? and more! More T’s for extra hotttness….

    00:00:00 Tilts – Ozark Bowtie (opening theme)
    00:04:10 Repeat After Me – The Volcano

    00:08:35 Interview with Robert Kassees of Repeat After Me
    New record “Mapmaker”, Crayon themed album covers, post mortem vinyl releases

    00:13:37 Repeat After Me – San Francisco

    00:18:36 Robert Kassees interview part 2
    Thoughts in leaving San Francisco, the recording process, Chicago (the band, not the city), weird Gwar Tangent, Cheap Trick, classic rock, etc.

    (Gwar – Carry On My Wayward Son as music bed)

    00:35:42 Tilts – Titanium Falcon
    00:39:21 Red Light Fever – You Wouldn’t Say Goodbye

    00:42:51 Robert Kassees interview part 3:
    Red Light Fever! Writing, arranging and recording a song in a single day with a pick up band of people that don’t know each other. The Red Light Fever project and how it fits into modern times, and what RLF actually is.

    01:00:47 Red Light Fever – Illinois
    01:04:14 Turbo Lightning – Oh Oh Oblivion!

    01:06:48 How great were Happy Fangs? How lame is waking up early. Big Wheels race, “only in San Francisco”

    01:19:23 Primes – Tetragrammatron
    01:21:54 Tilts – Thomas Jefferson II

    01:24:43 Science and Cosmos (the show ending), tattoos and do you get free tattoos on Friday the 13th?

    01:33:50 Happy Fangs – That Activity
    01:36:40 mclusky – To Hell With Good Intentions

    01:39:05 Why Conan was completely wrong about mclusky and it made him stop reviewing records. More about Happy Fangs (DEAL WITH IT! NBD), The RV benefit

    01:45:10 fugazi – Five Corporations
    01:47:35 Minutes – Raise Our Fists Up

    01:49:46 Protonic Reversal close, PRF BBQ Chicago, Conan is going to Chicago (the place, not the band)

    01:52:00 Shellac – The End Of Radio (closing theme)…

  • Ep007: Rebecca Gone Bad & Michael Cobra (Happy Fangs)

    Rebecca and Michael from Happy Fangs stop by the studio to talk. Brenna Betts sits in as cohost and hilarity and mirth ensue.
    Conan Neutron's Protonic Reversal

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    (stream and download – Episode 7)

    00:00:00 Tilts – Ozark Bowtie (Protonic Reversal Theme)
    00:04:05 Happy Fangs – The Truth

    00:06:44 Happy Fangs interview part 1

    The third fang, noted sexist Conan Neutron, Greatness, graveness, Grape ape, RV benefit, Battlestar Galactica, Million Dollar Baby. DJ Scratchatory rape and other “badass’ dj names

    00:18:04 Happy Fangs – Perk Up
    00:20:51 Hurry Up Shotgun – Abracadabraham Lincoln

    00:26:31 Happy Fangs interview part 2
    00:26:56 Call from Austin Pitts of Hurry Up Shotgun
    in-ter-ven-tion INTER-VEN-TION! On “instasongs” and “sex and food… and heroin”, rap battle /reward
    00:37:03 Happy Fangs – Hiya Kaw Kaw

    00:40:45 Happy Fangs interview part 3
    Happy Fangs tour, DJ Other Male In the Room, Pittsburgh vs. Pittsburg, Bovine Sex Club, going international…

    00:50:01 Happy Fangs – That Activity

    00:52:52 Happy Fangs interview part 4
    DJ Ray of sexism. DJ names for Brenna, DJ Real Time Drop, Jeff Goldblum and the Jeff Goldblumangroup, Courage rock, “Nickel back”, “hick hop” “Big smo” the Scatman…
    HF tour. Social media mongering…
    01:08:07 Happy Fangs – Lion Inside You
    01:11:08 B. Hamilton – EVerything I own is Broken
    Brenna’s coworkers listen to the Seinfeld theme song at work.

    01:19:37 Dead Rider – Blank S©reen
    01:24:01 Night Marchers – All Hits

    01:27:09 On the band The Night Marchers… Dead Rider as a “more evil TV on the Radio” and underwhelming bands.

    01:34:53 Risk/Reward – B Side
    01:37:45 Body Futures – Save the Clock Tower

    01:43:03 Red Fang show recap, on show hopping, Their / They’re / There the band and Creative Adult

    01:50:24 fugazi – Great Cop
    01:52:15 Shellac – End of Radio (Closing Theme)

    Happy Fangs US tour 2014

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