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Ep083: Joel Frost (Playing Rock Star)Ep083: Joel Frost (Playing Rock Star)


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Joel Frost does a TV Show called Playing Rock Star. This is a unique show where Joel plays with an established band on one of their big songs and gets a taste of what being in a band people give a damn about must be like. The first episode features The Electric Six, the band with their breakout hit “Gay Bar”. It’s a good conversation about the secret language of being in a band, being a fish out of water and what it is like playing in “the big time” even if only for a night. Check it out!

Nervous Curtains – Light Up the Sky (Van Halen)
Electric Six – Gay Bar

Le Butcherettes – Stab My Back
the Rutabega – Nosy Neighbors

Shellac – the End of Radio (closing Theme)

Ep054: Back in Action.Ep054: Back in Action.


Protonic Reversal

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Music and talk. Melvins premiere, baseball talk by people who don’t follow baseball, Marc Maron story, Conan talks about recording the new Secret Friends record. General mirth and merriment, etc.
Episode 54

8:00am: Casually Intense (Opening Theme) by Conan Neutron & the Secret Friends from the Enemy of Everyone
8:10am: Captain Comedown by Melvins from Chaos As Usual

8:11am: Heartattack by Porch from Walking Boss

8:32am: Tequila and Marigolds by B. Hamilton from Fight Everything

8:36am: Tharsis by Minot from An Era of Institutional Failure

8:42am: Lost in the Light by Heavenly States from An Era of Institutional Failure

9:08am: Keep On Knocking by Death from For The Whole World to See

9:10am: Backyard Lightning by The Columbines from Feral Villa

9:15am: Faster Than Light by Turbo Lightning from Faster Than Light
9:52am: The End of Radio (closing theme) by Shellac from Excellent Italian Greyhound