Day: April 18, 2020

Ep156: Toshi Kasai (Producer, Plan D, Big Business)Ep156: Toshi Kasai (Producer, Plan D, Big Business)

Toshi Kasai

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Toshi Kasai is back on Protonic Reversal! He has a brand new record/project called PLAN D!

Plan D: Working with tons of different drummers to make a very cool record.
-Lieutenant tour (Nate Mendel)
-Solo sets opening for Melvins
-Working with a number of different bands/clients
-Overpreparing/underpreparing for recording.
-Making a band/artist feel comfortable
-bands arguing for 10 minutes over a part that is 5 seconds.
-Tracking at sound of Sirens vs. tracking in other places/studios.
-Upcoming bands recorded
-“the wrong end of adventure” with destination recording.
-“partying” in the studio/recording process